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about our Neriah

Neriah sewerage Disposal has worked in 22 districts of Uganda offering it’s services. With government institutes like  ministry of Defence, kiruddu referral hospital, government schools;
Busoga college mwiri ,kiira college butiki,gombe sec,St Henry s kutovu,St Maria Gorrette katende, Stella Maris nsuube, Gulu high school,Dr obote college boroboro,,St Catherine boroboro ,Canon Apolo Ptc,Mulagi  girls and private institutes.


Elevate standard of Professionalism in the water ,Hygiene and Sanitation sector


To be the leading company in offering water hygiene and sanitation as well as fecal sludge management in Uganda

Core Values

Responsibility,Accountability, Transparency,Professionalism,Customer service

What We Do

Gulper Technology ,Cesspool Emptying and Sale of products smart Sato Toilets


Community Toilet Products

Community sensitation of field up toilets in kawempe division.


Educating Workshops

Educating &sensitize communities



Emptying Of Gulpers

Hooking up rubbish from latrine


Gulper Technology

Launching of transfer tank and gulping technology Gulper technology

Gulper technology with Kcca  Kampala Lord Mayor Mr Lukwago Erias

Gulpers companies about safety and protective protection during emptying services


KCCA Training About Licensing

Training of casual workers of Gulpers companies about safety and protective protection during emptying services


Neriah  Emptying  Cesspool  Truck  used  in  kampala  Divisions and others  across  the country

Who's Using Us

clean tech

Smart Toilets Sato & Community Sensitation

 Neriah  displaying  the  product  for Smart Toilets  to the community 

Smart Toilets Sato


Emptying services, Fumigation services,Cleaning services,sale of Disinfectant,

Renovation or construction of latrines and landscape designing

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Communities -Schools
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government institutions