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Thematic areas

Launching of transfer tank and gulping technology


Neriah  Emptying  Cesspool  Truck  used  in  kampala  Divisions and others  across  the country

Emptying services, Fumigation services,Cleaning services & sale of Disinfectant

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Emptying services
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Fumigation Services
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Sale of Disinfectant

CEO strategy

Hooking up rubbish from latrine using Gulpers Technology

Thematic areas ; 

Emptying services, Fumigation services,Cleaning services,sale of Disinfectant, renovation or construction of latrines and landscape designing.It has a component training and educating, sensitize communities as well schools in aspect of sanitation and hygiene.

communities in Kawempe.

Safety and protective Protection during Emptying Latrines

Emptying  of  Pit  latrines  and Collection   Sewerage  for  Transport  to  National  Sewerage  Cooperation  for  Desposit


To be the leading company in offering water hygiene and sanitation as well as fecal sludge management in Uganda


Elevate standard of Professionalism in the water ,Hygiene and Sanitation sector.

Safety and protective Protection is number one key in very aspect of Emptying Latrines
Kekemirembe winnie

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City wide inclusive sanitation with sandec group

Neriah Sewerage Disposal

Neriah Sewerage Disposal is a private limited company.registered under the registrar of companies under government of Uganda since 2009 , registration no 80010003292117 with procurement providers. 

We work with clients to train, educate and  sensitize communities as well schools in aspect of sanitation and hygiene.


  • Fumigation services
  • Sensitize communities
  • Emptying Services
  • Cleaning services
  • sale of Disinfectant
  • Cesspool Services
  • Products on Smart Sato Toilets

Core Values Neriah Sewerage Disposal

Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency, Professionalism,Customer service